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44 Dianastraße
Potsdam, BB, 14482

Film Production


Line Producing

Calculation, pre-production, production implementation, budget control, post production supervising, accounting: we are a full service provider for your film and TV production. Whether it's feature film, advertising, documentaries or image films. With more than 20 years experience in national and international productions we provide a large network of professionals of all trades.


Workflow Design

Safe workflows, linked production, intelligent data management: tailored to meet the specific needs of a production. We develop the appropriate workflow design for your production and staff. If required we train your staff quickly and professionally.  


In-house productions

Occasionally we also work as a film producer. Espeacilly in the manufacture of advertising and image films our customers have faith in our creativity and professionalism. Combinng storytelling and tech for the highest production value is our vision.



More than 150 films and 20 years of experience in the film business - and our team is still enthusiastic to produce with you! Some of the last feature films we worked on are Mata Hari - Tanz mit dem Tod (ARD 2017) or Der gute Göring (ARD 2016) as well as documentaries in the fields of history, society, politics and nature. Please find some references from the years 2016-2017on the left side by simply clicking on the Images.