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DPP Film Tech App

More than 10,000 media professionals worldwide already use the DPP Film Tech App. This unique encyclopedia for any technical information around filmproduction, television and web video is so popular because it follows a basic principle: simple, easy to understand and all information can be found very quickly.

In 2019 we have redesigned the DPP Film Tech App extensively: According to the motto “Content is King”, the DPP Film Tech App continues to focus on high-quality, reliable and up-to-date content on topics from the categories of cameras, formats, codecs, post production, IT and deliveries to broadcasters and platforms – created by media professionals for media professionals.

With the relaunch we have revised the design and offer a whole range of additional features:

With the Linked Content Search you can now jump directly from one article to another article.

At the end of each article you will find more Related Articles.

On request we will inform you about new updates in the app with Push News and put quality before quantity.

A special highlight is definitely our new File Size Calculator, with which you can calculate depending on camera model, codec, resolution and frame rate how much data you produce in a certain time or how much material fits on a medium.

Film Tech App
Film Tech App

Our articles are often equipped with videos and further documents. In order to save memory space on your smartphone, we stream them. If you need these offline, you can now save them directly in our document center for later use.

If you want to share your own information with your company, the MyCompany area now offers you a protected area within the app. Please contact us for a booking.

To change the language between German and English, go directly to Settings in the menu.

And now it’s even easier to share or bookmark content.

By the way: once loaded, all contents of the DPP Film Tech App are available offline. If your mobile phone is connected to a network, the content will be updated automatically in short intervals, without you having to do anything yourself.

In order to stay up to date, the DPP Film Tech App is continuously updated by us. Help us to do so: point out content you are missing or errors we made. Write your own articles and send them to us at Then the DPP Film Tech App starts to live in the current technology change.

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