Film Data Box

Film Data Box

Data Management for Non-Fiction.
Mobile, automated, secure, fast

Reading out, copying, verifying and transcoding lathe material for sifting processes and editing – all this in a short time and fully automatically: this is the FILM DATA BOX.

Non-fiction producers today face great challenges: the demands on video quality and production value are becoming ever higher, budgets are barely growing, the filmed material is produced in ever more diverse systems and must be handed over to the direction and post-production for further processing ever faster and more transparently.

Knowledge of materials, secure data management and collaborative teamwork are indispensable. The Film Data Box offers timely risk and cost minimizing data management and was developed by media professionals from the field. Our system copies your film material fully automatically from various sources, verifies its completeness, generates and sends all required transcodes and metadata for viewing (dailies) as well as for further processing in editing.

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In addition, the Film Data Box offers the possibility of long-term archiving of the original material on the basis of LTO, the world’s most widespread modern long-term storage system.

You will receive transparent documentation of files and processes for each action by email. Shortly after filming, your material is visible, prepared for further work and securely stored several times.

The Film Data Box automates your data backup free of operating errors in everyday production. The workflows can be configured in advance by the administrator responsible for the project. At the end of the shooting day, the technology runs with just a few clicks.

With the Film Data Box, your data management is not only automated, fast, mobile and secure – with the use of this system, you as a producer also meet the requirements of all common negative insurances.

The use of the Film Data Box is simple and intuitive. If required, we can also integrate the system into your operational server structure.

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